Camp Rock mobi | The Jonas Brothers join another Disney mobi

“Disney’s Most Rockin’ Original Movie Yet” If you thought Disney’s High School Musical was popular, get ready for something even bigger (if that’s possible): Camp Rock. For those of you with tweens and teens at home, you can show them how cool you are by loading on your iPhone, BlackBerry, iPod touch or mobile […] Read more »

iPhone SDK Available | Apple iPhone Development

Ok iPhone developers, here we go… the new SDK is now available at Apple Developer Connection” (computer link, not mobile) This is the 8th SDK released by Apple for the iPhone. To download it, you need to register at Apple (no charge). To use the SDK you’re going to need a mac with the latest […] Read more »

Juvenile Diabetes Info for Mobile Internet | Type 1 mobi

Get questions answered about Juvenile Diabetes (type 1 diabetes) on your iPhone, BlackBerry, PSP or Mobile Phone Mark Bennett is at it again with another public information mobile website.  Thank you again, Mark, for your tireless work to get helpful information to the hands of people on the go. Here’s the press release: Jacksonville, FL, […] Read more »

Color Psychology, Marketing and Mobile Web Design

Twitter is a wonderful thing. I found a website called Branding Strategy Insider (link below) today thanks to Jay D. Ehret’s twitter microblog. Jay has a marketing blog called The Marketing Spot over on Blogspot. Here’s the computer link to The Marketing Spot and the mobile link to The Marketing Spot. Check out his blog […] Read more »

Why dot mobi? New .mobi Campaign Launches Today

.mobi Awareness Campaign Is Coming to Mobile Websites Near You Mtld, the dotMobi Registry, awarded to the forum under the leadership of Andres Kello, a leading dot mobi proponant and premium domain name portfolio owner. was created by forum members to demonstrate the benefits of using domain names ending in .mobi for […] Read more »

Pomeranian Dogs Mobile Site | Poms mobi

Small businesses are finding out that the mobile web is a great way to reach potential customers. Australian Pomeranian breeder Denise reports that “On the weekend I received an email via my mobi site asking about the purchase of a Pomeranian for show purposes in Indonesia.” Denise has a celebrity client list and many […] Read more »