International Talent Pool | Casting mobi

Casting Agents the world over have a new source for international talent at The mobile site is available in English and German, and features actors, writers, musicians, models, voice-over talent and more. Some countries represented include Germany, US, UK, Hungary, Singapore, Estonia, Nigeria, South Africa and Columbia, with more added daily. Agents may narrow […] Read more »

Philadelphia Baseball Mobile Fan Site | Phans mobi

In honor of the Philadelphia Phillies’ appearance in this year’s World Series, one fan, that is phan, has created a mobile site where subscribers can cheer on their favorite team and insult the opposition. also has links to other mobile sports sites, including NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR and PGA. Head over to […] Read more »

UK Travel Destination | Porthcurno mobi

Planning a UK holiday? If you haven’t selected a destination, perhaps Porthcurno, a beach town in West Cornwall, might be for you. To help you plan your trip, and make the most of it while you’re there, have a look at This attractively-designed made for mobile website will help you find your way around […] Read more »

All US Economy News All the Time | US-Economy mobi

Now mobile internet users can get their US Economy news in one place with The mobile site shows US Economy news stories including economic indicators such as real estate markets, jobless claims, and federal budget news. While the site doesn’t present every story on the topic – that would be impossible – it does […] Read more »

iPhone Developer Wanted

From LinkedIn (computer link): “Anyone know a good, reliable iPhone-iPodTouch developer I can hire? We’re a branding/marketing outfit that has an Apple AppStore product spec’d out, ready to go. The only missing member of our team is the developer! If you’re an Apple Developer with experience with the iPhone?iPod Touch SDK and have written/sold a […] Read more »

Yale University Wants Yale mobi

Yale University has filed an arbitration case with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) seeking to obtain Currently, that domain name is registered at GoDaddy with the message: “This .MOBI domain is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy.” It is not registered with an obvious trademark holder, such as the lock or forklift manufacturer, so […] Read more »

Sell your .mobi names on

Domain Name Sales Section If you would like to advertise your domain names for sale on mobiEnthusiast, the cost is $5 USD per name per month, or $10 per month for 3 names, payable via paypal. Please send your request to information [at] Include domain name, registrar, expiration date, price, and contact information. MobiEnthusiast […] Read more »