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Help for Small Businesses

The mobile internet provides a fertile field for small businesses to create a presence on the mobile internet. Watch this blog for information on how you can stake your claim, and for webinars, podcasts, or individual consultations. Subscribe today by email or rss so you won’t miss out. For an individual consultation, send your request via email at information [at] mobienthusiast.mobi.

About the Author

Holly Kolman is a mobile web publisher, writer, and trainer in San Diego, California. A moderator of the mobile web forum Mobility.mobi, Holly has participated on four international award-winning mobile sites: MobiEnthusiast.mobi, RecalledToys.mobi, and Why.mobi and Leucadia.mobi. She conducts marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations for mobile website owners, and consults with companies who desire a presence on the mobile internet.

She has been featured on Radio Disney, 60SecondMarketer.com, and the Power to the Small Business podcast for her expertise in the emerging mobile internet. She was most recently a featured speaker for the Mobile Marketing Profits teleclass series.

A rare blend of marketing and technical knowledge has made Kolman a sought-after sounding board for investors and small businesses looking to build a presence on the mobile web. As a former teacher and software trainer, it is common to hear her described as “very patient” and “she explains things so you can understand them.” She often acts as a liaison between mobile web developers and clients since she speaks fluent geek.

mobiEnthusiast.mobi, like all of her other mobile websites, can be accessed by computer, smartphone, or any other web-enabled device.

She is a fixture in the San Diego Twitter community, and counsels clients on mastering social media.