Afternic Webinar Seeks New Domain Sellers

Afternic Sales Secrets Webinar

Today I attended an Afternic webinar for Afternic DLS. I’ve never sold any domain names on the Afternic marketplace, so I listened in to the webinar to find out more about their services. The webinar was recorded, and the link to listen in is below.

So, readers, do you think Afternic is a viable way to buy or sell domain names? Care to discuss your experience with Afternic, especially since their ownership change? Comments are open (moderated).

Thank you for registering for our very popular Webinar “AfternicDLS Sales Secrets: How to Price Domain Names.”

We thought the webinar was a huge success and hope you learned new pricing strategies to increase the salesvelocity of your domain portfolio. If you couldn’t attend the webinar, don’t worry – just watch the playback, also available on Afternic’s Domainer’s Advantage.

View the Webinar Playback Here >> [editor’s note: not a mobile link]

If the webinar piqued your interest in the new Afternic DLS features and need help making the most of them, or if you want to maximize sales with a Premium Promotion upgrade, give our Customer Service Team a call at 866-351-9586 (US) 781-839-7990 (Worldwide).

Wishing you a season of bigger, better sales,


Neil Kavanaugh
Sales Manager
NameMedia Marketplace


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  1. Pete Lamson says:


    My name is Pete Lamson, I am with

    Just to clarify, there has been no ownership change of Afternic (Afternic joined NameMedia three years ago in the fall of 2006).

    Our domain sales platform is currently selling more domains than any afternmarket domain sales platform in the industry, or in Afternic’s history.

    Furthermore, our median sales price is 250% higher than that of Sedo’s – our next largest competitor.

    We welcome the opportunity to sell your names.

    I can be reached any time at plamson (at), or on my direct dial at 781 839 2812.

    All the best and good selling!


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