Attention Domain Developers – Direct Mobile Browsing is Here

Mobile Internet Browsing Stats

MobiEnthusiast mobi would like to point our developer and domainer audience to a recent post by Jamie Parks of He asks: “What are you going to do when the mobile masses show up at your domain?”

“Smart people from all over the world with mobile devices are starting to poke around. They’re looking out across the vast universe of mobile content in an attempt to find something unique and worth while (other than porn and parked pages) to interact with. Will your domain/site be a special enough destination that the mobimasses will digg it? Only time and your mobile development strategy can answers those questions.”

To read the rest of his blog post on a mobile phone, use this link to via Mobile Browser (You may need to click a link when it appears to load the page. Warning: it is very graphics-heavy.) To read the rest on a computer, use this link to


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