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Summer is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere, and my friends in the blogosphere are telling me that things are going to quiet down a bit. Perhaps my blogger friends didn’t get the memo that mobile searches and traffic go up in the summer since most people want to be outside and away from their computers. This mobi blog tends to actually heat up in the summer since many web surfers take their mobile phones online. Face it people, we are addicted!

These fun-loving bloggers have launched an international internet game of “tag” and I am now “it.” This game offers a small snippet of the human element of the bloggers behind the blogs. Thank you to Jay Ehret, President of The Marketing Spot (computer link) (mobile link – warning, large graphic sizes), for inviting me to play.


4 things you like about summer
– The smell of coconut sunscreen
– The Pacific Ocean warms up just enough to leave the wetsuit home
– Relaxed summer schedules
– Mobile search results increase (it’s true!)

4 of your favorite vacation destinations
– Miami, Florida
– Chicago, Illinois
– Marco Island, Florida
– Austin, Texas

4 of your favorite summer foods
– Barbecued Wild Salmon
– Grilled Vegetables
– Avocados
– Thai food (that’s all year long)

4 concerts not to miss
– Any concert at the beach
– Jimmy Buffet
– Local bands at coffee houses
Andrew Sherman Vehicle (computer link)(if you can’t promote your friends what’s the point?)

4 Summer activities you must do
– Visit my parents
– Participate in the Library’s summer reading program
– Barbecue
– Go surfing with 20 or more other women at Surf Diva weekend surf clinics in La Jolla

4 things to avoid during the summer
– Dangerous aquatic animals such as sting rays, jellyfish, sea urchins and great white sharks
– Rip currents (this looks like two waves smashing into each other from opposite directions and can carry you out to sea even from ankle-depth)
– Strong afternoon sun
– Starch in my clothes

Tag – You’re it! Here is an invitation for a few fellow bloggers (Computer Links Only)
Jamie Parks
Javier Marti
Shaun Morton
Jeremy Padawar
Sherman Hu

Photo Credit: Massimiliano Pieraccini from Italy via (computer link)


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