Call for Entries

Do you blog about mobile? Need some exposure for your blog?

I run the blog Lately, I have been involved in many projects and do not have time to give it the attention it deserves. For example, there are two major mobile conferences going on right now, one in London and one in San Diego, and they didn’t get covered due to time constraints. MobiEnthusiast gets decent traffic, though, and I would hate for it to fizzle out.

If you blog about mobile, and would like to make a guest post about something of interest to mobile internet readers, I invite you to submit a proposal for an article for publication.

There will not be monetary compensation for the article, but you will get author credit and a link back to your site. The exposure is considerable:

MobiEnthusiast had readers from 99 countries last month, and is featured on Guy Kawaski’s Alltop, dotMobi’s MobiThinking, DNJournal Resources, and other similar sites. Your blog entry will also be tweeted through my @mobienthusiast account, which has over 4,000 followers (I routinely block bots and sp*am accounts).

Ground rules:

1.) Must be mobile related
2.) Can’t be a sales pitch
3.) Must be business- and family-friendly (teens and kids find our site sometimes since we cover apps in their age group)
4.) Must link to a business- or family-friendly site
5.) Can’t be political (again, readers from 99 countries don’t always agree on politics)

I reserve the right to edit for grammar.

One article per week will be submitted for inclusion in Carnival of the Mobilists.

Interested? Send me a message on LinkedIn or email it to information [at]


All the Best,


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  1. toddjemar says:

    Hi Holly,

    Where would I send the article proposal for contribution to your blog?



  2. mobienthusiast says:

    Hi Todd,

    You can send your proposal to information (at) Thanks!

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