Want to write a book on HTML5 or Mobile Apps?

From our developer friend James Pearce via Twitter: Anyone want to write either a book on HTML5 Media or on mobile apps? Reputable publisher. DM & RT, please. To respond, please write to James as @JamesPearce. And, if you’re not already following me on Twitter, I’m @mobienthusiast. Good luck, and let me know if you […] Read more »

Future of the Mobilenet | Mobile Domains and the Future by Javier Marti

(Mobile link). I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Javier on the Mobility.mobi forum this past year, and have learned that he is quite good at spotting trends and connecting the dots for what the future may hold in mobile technology and the societal impact it will have on us all. Even more remarkably, […] Read more »