Chirp Twitter Developer Conference Streaming Live

chirp twitter developer conference streaming live

If you haven’t already flown to San Francisco for the Chirp Twitter Developer Conference, you can still watch the live streaming version on is a haven for techie videos and livestreams. Here’s what they have to say about the conference simulcast:

During the two-day event, viewers can tune in to learn from the experts that keep Twitter’s heart beating. Chirp will be showcasing the very best and most successful Twitter Developers in the world throughout the conference. Put your developer hat on for a peek inside the biggest micro-blogging site in the world!

This is the first officially-sponsored developer conference by Twitter. Since Twitter acquired the iPhone app Tweetie, third-party twitter developers have become nervous about their stake in the microblogging social media giant. Perhaps this conference will answer some of those questions. is also available as a free iPhone App (link opens iTunes).


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