Community Zip Code Click to Call Mobile Website | 07417 mobi

It doesn’t get any more local than this. Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, USA, has it’s own version of the phone number list on the refrigerator, but with a technological twist: these phone numbers can be clicked to dial the business listed when the site is viewed on a BlackBerry, iPhone or mobile phone. allows local residents to dial up the mobile website and find the phone numbers for local restaurants and shops without incurring costly directory assistance charges. All they have to do is remember their zip code.

Plans are underway to invite local businesses to have their own mobi sites linked to the zip code site (for a fee, of course) to show directions, hours of operation, menus, product guides, and weekly specials, all from the convenience of remembering those five numbers, and of course “.mobi.” Good luck with the project, and we look forward to seeing your directory grow.


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