Does AT&T Offer Data Tethering for iPhone?

Here’s the question on iPhone road warriors’ mind: will AT&T offer data tethering? Big rumors abound on the internet over a supposed leaked memo. According to (computer link) (mobile link), “The story goes something like this: the word tether is mentioned in an AT&T notice about users upgrading to a new iPhone and being forced into another two-year agreement. Apparently, some folks who’ve only quickly browsed the document made the mistake of assuming that AT&T used the word “tether” the way we all know it best: computer-to-phone, modem-style tethering. Unfortunately, this is a semantic problem — what AT&T’s talking about is using the dock connector to activate the phone, and sync with your computer… not the other way around. So next time you hear someone talk about AT&T’s “tethering” plan feel free to set ’em straight.”

This is the best I can come up with folks, as urban-legend-busting site (computer link) (mobile link) is silent on the subject. Apparently ATT does have a tether plan for BlackBerry on its smartphone/pda package, but only ATT can confirm that for certain so check the terms of service for details.


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