Download New iPhone Apps Code Today

iphone sdk

If you dream of creating the next killer iphone app, you’ll need the latest code to do it. Download iPhone SDK code (computer link, not mobile) at the iPhone Dev Center, and see what’s new on the iPhone developer site. There are new video tutorials, coding how-to’s, an iPhone reference library, and iPhone sample code.

The iPhone code (sdk) will only run on an Intel-based Mac using OS X Leopard, and new users will need to register and agree to the terms of service. There is no longer a non-disclosure agreement (nda). If you have a Windows or Linux machine, you’ll need to purchase a Mac with the proper operating system.

The iPhone sdk contains:

  • Xcode development environment
  • iPhone simulator
  • Instruments to measure performance graphically
  • Interface Builder with drag and drop features

Now go create something useful and profitable!


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