Future of the Mobilenet | Mobile Domains and the Future by Javier Marti

mobile domains and the future by Javier Marti

It is rare for an author to intentionally spend a year of his life to create a book that he plans to give away without asking for payment, but that is just what Futurist, Consultant and Speaker Javier Marti (computer link) (mobile link) has done with Mobile, Domains and the Future (Mobile link).

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Javier on the Mobility.mobi forum this past year, and have learned that he is quite good at spotting trends and connecting the dots for what the future may hold in mobile technology and the societal impact it will have on us all. Even more remarkably, the book is written in English while his native tongue is Spanish.

Mobile, Domains and the Future gives a look at the past, present and future of communications, the internet, and the mobile internet. Marti describes potential problems such as privacy issues with the new technology on phones, as well as the information we leave behind as we surf the internet and mobilenet. Additionally, he describes the backlash that has plagued.mobi investors by the domaining community since before landrush – backlash that continues to this day on the most popular domainer forums and blogs. Marti frequently says he is not a dot mobi cheerleader, but he does envision a future where .mobi websites could become as important in the future as .com sites have been in the past and present.

The Author, Javier Marti

Javier Marti

As one of the early reviewers of the book, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Marti forecast the future based on news articles of today. Download a pdf copy of the book (7.5 mg, may load slowly on slower connections) and see for yourself whether or not his predictions come true.


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