How to Make a Click to Call Link

Code for Click to Call

What makes a mobile site special? The ability to code a link so it allows mobile web visitors to click a link that dials a phone number. They’re already on a mobile phone, so why make them take out a piece of paper?

Here is the click to call code:
<a href=”tel:0000000000″>0000000000</a>

Replace the zero’s with the number you would like to call. Do not put any other characters in the quotation marks or a + in it for country code, just the numbers. You can add punctuation inside the anchor text if you like, such as parentheses and dashes or periods. If your mobile web visitor is on an iPhone, you might not even need to code it, but it helps to add it for users of other web enabled phones.

If you are coding a page of emergency phone numbers in the United States, it might be best NOT to enclose 911 in this code to avoid accidentally dialing them or making a “pocket call” where the phone dials a number if it’s accidentally activated. Police investigate 911 calls where no one answers to ensure nobody is hurt or unconscious, although I don’t know how that would work with a mobile phone with location based GPS service enabled.

To see click to call in action, visit

It uses click to call for emergency numbers and tourist services. (Leucadia is a community in Encinitas, California, in San Diego County.)

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  1. mirirossitto says:

    This is FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you for sharing!

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  3. AdamSmart says:

    This blog was a great find. We needed to figure out how to make the phone number in a mobile lead to dialing on clicking. The code you provided made that possible for all phones when using our SmartPark JFK Mobile “App” at – thank you! Adam

  4. shorten urls says:

    cheers Holly, i’m always forgetting that one and you pop up first page of google for it, so double handy


  5. Hunter says:

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! Bookmarked.

  6. John Nicklin says:

    just what I have been looking for for months BUT it doesn’t seem to work in the UK or perhaps just my site. Is it possibly the initial site coding e.g. html 4 not 5 or somesuch?

    All I want is a button on my mobile site to let pple call me direct from their phone without as you say, needing a piece of paper.

    Thanks for any advice


  7. Rob San Diego says:

    This didn’t work for me at all. On an iphone or palm pre. Is there more to it?

  8. naimbic says:

    Hello sir i wanna make a Click to call link but on a Photo Map, there is in Possibility to do this?
    in my CSS i already declare for data-tel and it`s work perfectly i use this code :
    span data-tel=”xx-xxxx-xxxx” xx-xxxx-xxxx span
    but i tried to use this on my PhotoMap
    span data-tel=”xx-xxxx-xxxx” area shape=”poly” coords=”168,97,307,118,309,143,170,124,” alt=”Call xx-xxxx-xxxx” title=”Call xx-xxxx-xxxx” /span
    i got the link but didn`t work, any help please, thank you in advance
    my website is :

  9. Holly Kolman says:

    @Rob you don’t need to use the code if you are only designing for iPhone, since iPhone will generate a popup screen to ask if you’d like to connect if it looks like you’ve clicked a phone number. I haven’t investigated Palm Pre – any Pre users or developers care to add their experience?

  10. Holly Kolman says:

    @Naimbic, thank you for visiting. I have not used photomaps personally. This code is actually a link code, if you notice the a href=” at the beginning. If that doesn't answer your question, please let me know and I will do further research.

  11. Hi. This is great. How can I do this in flash using ActionScript 3?

  12. Holly Kolman says:

    Hi John,

    I don’t use flash or ActionScript 3. You might check a developer forum. As you may notice from the code, it’s a link, so I would look at how to add links in your chosen language. — Holly

  13. naren says:

    Hi Kolman,

    Link works perfect for me and was looking for many days. Thanks you.

    Now I want to make a click to call with number + text on the pop up.
    Example: 0000000000
    how can I get number and text with in the pop up?


  14. Jon Hesford says:

    When I try to use that HTML in WordPress. As I save the update it removes the “tel:” bit of the href. Any ideas why it does that?

  15. Holly Kolman says:

    Are you using or self-hosted I have not seen the “tel” delete like that. Does anything else get deleted when you save?

  16. This is a great piece of code. I added it to our site now you can click to call. Thanks that was really helpful mr mobieenthosiast!

  17. Holly Kolman says:

    Glad you liked it, John. Actually, it’s Ms. Mobienthusiast, not Mr.


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