Disney Android Debut

Disney to add three Android apps to offerings We’ve been following Disney on the mobile web here on mobiEnthusiast for a number of years, and now they’re adding something new: Android Apps. A quick search of Android Market reveals there are already approximately 282 apps related to Disney, but are not part of the newer […] Read more »

Camp Rock mobi | The Jonas Brothers join another Disney mobi

“Disney’s Most Rockin’ Original Movie Yet” If you thought Disney’s High School Musical was popular, get ready for something even bigger (if that’s possible): Camp Rock. For those of you with tweens and teens at home, you can show them how cool you are by loading CampRock.mobi on your iPhone, BlackBerry, iPod touch or mobile […] Read more »

Hannah Montana Games and Videos | HannahMontana.mobi

Disney’s favorite undercover pop star Hannah Montana has her own mobile website. Keeping with the trend of corporations using a .mobi domain name to shorten an ugly long URL, Disney uses the domain name HannahMontana.mobi instead of trying to get kids to remember http://m.disney.go.com/m/hmt/t/index. Disney has been a leader in using .mobi names because they […] Read more »

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe WIPO

Just in case anyone still thinks you can do whatever you want when registering a domain name, the latest World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) decision is a textbook example of why restraint is a virtue when you have your registrar shopping cart open. When Richard Saville-Smith decided to purchase Narnia.mobi for his eleven year old […] Read more »


Your Guide to Mobile Web MobiEnthusiast.mobi is your tour guide on the mobile internet: it’s a mobile blog for mobile website owners, developers, marketers and end users. It is read in 90 countries worldwide. Help for Small Businesses The mobile internet provides a fertile field for small businesses to create a presence on the mobile […] Read more »