iPad Developers, Get Ready, Go!

develop for ipad

Become an Apple developer

Ready to develop for the iPad? You’re going to need some resources. First of all, start with everything you already learned about developing for the iPhone. Next, take it up a notch with these new resources from the Apple Developer Center:

There is an extensive library of videos available from Apple. Anyone can see the preview videos, but to see the full versions in iTunes, you need to be a registered Apple developer for the basic videos and a registered Apple iPhone developer for the advanced videos.

Application to the iPhone Developer Program is $99 USD for the standard membership and $299 USD for the enterprise version, per year. If you are already a member of the iPhone Developer program, you do not need to reapply.

If you plan to submit an iPad app to the iTunes store, give yourself plenty of time for the Apple developer approval process. We’ve heard from people who’ve waited longer than six weeks for approval, or who have applied a second time when they didn’t hear back from the program.


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