iPhone Developer Jobs: Geography Matters

Mobile Site Identifies Cities Where iPhone Developer Jobs are Plentiful… and Not

Detroit, the Motor City, may be the best city to look for a job in the automobile industry, but if you are an iPhone Developer you are going to have a hard time finding work. If you don’t live in Detroit, don’t get too excited because there a few other major cities that have very low iPhone application developer jobs per the city’s population.

Beginning this year, mobile job board FoneGigs has been compiling a list of America’s easiest and hardest cities to find mobile developer and marketing jobs. Surprising, some of the largest cities in the States have very few app developer jobs. Houston is a great place to find a job if you are in the oil business, but not if you want to make iPhone apps.

Enjoy the desert? Too bad. The Hohokam people don’t have much use for apps. Huge fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars? Bad news for you since Jacksonville is the 3rd worse city to find an iPhone developer job only losing to Fort Worth and Detroit as the toughest cities to find gigs.

So where are the easiest cities to find mobile developer jobs? If you guessed San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston, you are right. You will also have a good chance if you live in Atlanta, Austin, and Washington DC as these cities also rank in the top ten. Feel free to visit FoneGigsBlog.com to not only see where mobile developer jobs are easy to find in the States, but also for Canada and England as well.

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Eric Melchor
Eric Melchor is the founder of PhoneGigs.com. He is a Digital Marketer who has experience building brand awareness and driving sales online while working for leading international digital agencies in the States and Europe. FoneGigs is the first job board where job seekers can opt-in to receive job alerts for mobile marketing gigs near their area code to be delivered straight to their mobile phone. Opting in is easy and only takes 30 seconds. To get started, just text ‘FoneGigs’ to 41-411 or register at FoneGigs.com. For Employers who post a job on FoneGigs, we will send an sms alert or/and Email to candidates who have opted in to receive text alerts and are living in or near the corresponding area code where the job is located.

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