Is .mobi a Bad Investment?

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The domainer blogosphere continues to erupt over comments and blog responses to the .mobi meltdown post on Elliot’s Blog (computer link) (mobile link).

So, is .mobi really a bad investment? Well, people are still making money in private sales on undeveloped names, and some are doing better than others. The issue for most domainers, though, is you can’t park them and expect high pay per click revenue. So, when the bulk of domainers realize this, they decide .mobi is worthless. Well, the fact is, this is a tld that for most people you do have to do some work to get a return on investment. That is why a lot of domainers have crossed the line into becoming developers, including one who has been posting a lot on blog comments. He has a whole lot of developed sites that are bringing in high traffic numbers, and I know a number of people who are making some nice coin on advertising on developed sites.

So, what’s the answer? In my opinion, this could go several different directions. You could (a) let your domain names drop and call it wasted money, and a lot of people have done and will do this; (b) hire a developer, make something of value, get some traffic and sell, (c) learn to develop yourself or (d) purchase developed sites that already have traffic and are making money for less that it would cost to get a .com. A developer I know couldn’t sell a name for $86, now the site makes five times that a month developed.

It is important for people who invest in .mobi to know what they are getting themselves into, and since it is a different medium and a different business model, people who don’t know how to make it work the old way are calling it worthless. It’s not much different than what we are seeing in television advertising – the old way isn’t providing value and is being ignored. Here’s a chance to do something different, which domainers don’t like because it isn’t cookie cutter. You want to make money with .mobi? Try trading useful sites instead of parked pages.


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