It’s Namepros Auction Day

namepros domain name auction

If you are looking for a good deal on a domain name, (Computer Link) auctions are known for them. The auction starts today at 6:00 p.m. EDT in the chatroom.

Although Namepros does have a mobile version of the site at, the auction is in the chat room and can be accessed only via computer.

Looking through the list, there are a lot of .com, .org, .in, .info, .tv and others. The auction is light on .mobi names, although there are a few:

  • Daggers.Mobi
  • TaskForce.Mobi
  • Nitrous.Mobi

According to Namepros, “Our live auction events last 2½ hours. We will make every attempt to auction as many names as possible during that time. Auction lots below this line are subject to cancelation. (Sellers will be refunded list fees.) If you are interested in one of these lots, you are encouraged to place a pre-bid on it now to ensure it receives a spot in the live auction.”

Many of the .mobi names are classifed as Seller’s Choice Auctions, and are subject to the following conditions: “In Seller’s Choice auctions, the seller can choose to cancel the final auction result by paying the high bidder a buyout fee equal to 20% of the winning bid amount (capped at $8 or 400 NP$). In all other auctions, high bids meeting or exceeding a reserve price are binding on both bidder and seller.”

You must be a Namepros member to bid, and membership is free.


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