London Calling .mobi people

If you happen to be in London on April 13, 2o10, you are cordially invited for drinks and mobile start-up pitches with the Mobile Brain Bank. The MoBB London synapse is sponsored by Grow VC, a crowdfunding initiative.

We convene at the Clachan Pub in SoHo at 6 pm. Registration and sign-up to pitch your start-up via here.


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  1. Gary Taylor says:

    Hi Holly

    You don’t happen to know if there with be any more MoBB events in the UK this year do you?

    Let me know



  2. Holly Kolman says:

    Hi Gary,

    You can ask Petra directly, since she handles the schedule and hasn’t told me of any upcoming UK events. She is on Twitter as @MoBB, and her website is

    She has a recap of Mobile Brain Bank London on her blog. Hope that helps.

    All the Best,

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