How to Make an Android Screen Capture

HTC Sensation Screen Capture

Last week I had an interesting exchange on Twitter with an Android developer. He wanted Android screen shots to show how his new product would look on an HTC Sensation.

Apparently this is easier said than done. I piped in and asked if you could just press a few buttons and have a screen shot like an iPhone. I guess not. Edit: Yes, you can push two buttons for a screen shot. Skip to the bottom if you want to find out how.

There is, however, an app available for the job. It’s Screenshot ER,  and it will set you back £1.15 ($2.88 USD). I have not personally tried it since I don’t have an Android phone, but the phone has to be rooted to use it. That means it has to have an administrative account on the phone that has special administrative privileges.

For more information on how to root an Android phone, here’s a link to a list of videos on the subject on YouTube.

Thank you to Mauricio Reyes and Paul Roberts via his post on (not a mobile link) for the information on rooted phones.

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Update: According to Douglas McDonald of Mobile @ Creston plc & Tullo Marshall Warren @DMcDonald01, there is an easier solution: “If you press home and back power at the same time it takes a screenshot and sticks it in screencapture in the gallery.”

I just knew it didn’t have to be that complicated, so thank for that info.


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  1. Jon Zanoff says:

    I’m not sure what version of Android home+back works on, but it doesn’t for HTC Inspire (HTC Sense 2.1) on AT&T running Android 2.3.3

  2. Prophet Olu says:

    It’s POWER button and home button.

  3. Jake V says:

    I’ve been trying this off my sensation for the past ten minutes, it doesn’t work

  4. Jake V says:

    Nevermind, the comment above mine is
    correct. Screencapture is with power and home

  5. Holly Kolman says:

    Admin note: I have changed the post to reflect “power” and “home.” Thank you. I am an iPhone user so all of this is based on information from Android users. Apologies for the confusion.

  6. Holly Kolman says:

    Another update: this does not appear to work on the HTC Touch. If we have any Android developers reading who want to tell us how to make this easier, I’m all ears.

  7. DaMole says:

    Just been trying it on my HTC Sensation XE and it works easiest if you press & hold the power button then tap the home key, the other way round just locks my phone and

  8. dgsinclair says:

    Thunderbolt – doesn’t work with either combination, though on the Samgung Fascinate, Power/Back works.

  9. bob says:

    As soon as I held the power then home it worked on my htc sensation. The trick is the timing.

  10. arnold ryan says:

    press and hold power button and then press home button. works like magic. true story.

  11. rian says:

    it works perfectly with my HTC sensation XE

  12. Nico says:

    Yip Arnold Ryan is a genius….

  13. Nico says:

    Oooopssss….sorry maybe props should go to DaMole?? Either way it works like a dream….

  14. emman says:

    press and hold power button then quick press home. i did it!

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