Microblogging.com: Not Just for Twitter


Microblogging has matured to the point where CNN recently announced it prefers to take story ideas only via Twitter. But the phenomenon of microblogging goes far beyond Twitter, according to Microblogging.com, a site that catalogs microblogging and other social media services.

For example, Status.net (formerly Laconi.ca) now makes it easy for people to start their own microblogging network and offers free and paid versions. Shoutem.com is mobile compliant from the start and offers free microblogging networks that integrate with Twitter or stand alone. These might be helpful for a closed network, or for people who feel like they are lost on Twitter. In the wake of Ning closing out its free communities, these might be good starting points for online community managers who need a new home.

mobiEnthusiast.mobi will also be getting into the spirit of microblogging by posting tidbits from around the web in addition to fully written blog posts. It’s my way of keeping you informed when I only have time to microblog when time is too short to blog. Addionally, you can receive notifications and bite sized info with mobiEnthusiast.mobi updates on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/mobiEnthusiast.


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