.mobi Directories for .mobi Sites

If you’re looking for websites that will work on your iPhone, PDA, Blackberry, mobile phone or other mobile device, they’re a little hard to find these days. That’s because .mobi is only one year old, and it’s just now getting developed.

Our trusted search engine friends google.mobi, MSN.mobi are here, plus dotMobi’s own find.mobi plus dir.mobi. If you need something right away and you can’t wait for mobiEnthusiast to cover it, why not look there now? Let us know what you find. (Hint: not all of the sites on dir.mobi resolve to a mobile phone, but it’s worth a try.)


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  1. Floristopia says:

    I’m surprised there are no links in your post. I was actually looking for a .mobi directory…

  2. mobienthusiast says:

    Good point! This is an old post, but I’ll change the title to make it better reflect the content. Sorry about that.

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