.mobi Premium Auction Breaks Records – And Sedo’s Server

Sedo has reopened bidding on the .mobi premium auction after the worldwide auction site was brought down by the largest number of bidders ever. As I write this post, gaming.mobi is priced at $302,500, shattering the previous high sales record of $200,000 for flowers.mobi in 2006.
At the time of the Sedo crash, games.mobi was selling for $300,000. From Sedo’s website:

“05/12/07  .MOBI Auction Will Be Extended
We are aware the there are some problems with the .MOBI Auction at this time. Due the down time we were not able to extend the auction before the set closing time. Some bidders may have received emails saying that they have won the auction, however because the system was down the highest bid at the time the system failed are not binding according to our terms and conditions. The auction will be up and running very shortly and will be extended by 20 minutes to ensure all interested parties can place their bids. While this is unfortunate, the good news is that the problems are due to the large number of last minute bidders! This is the first time an auction has brought down our servers due to such a large amount of activity.

Be assured that if there is any additional down time again, it will again be extended to ensure all bidders can place their desired bids. You may want to check your buyer control panel to see if all your bids were logged properly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Visit http://sedo.com (does not resolve on mobile phone) for more.


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