Mobile Brain Bank Formed | First Meeting August 13

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It’s estimated that over 10,000 people have been made redundant (now unemployed) since January in the mobile sector in Finland alone. An enterprising group of professionals has decided to do something about it. Mobile Brain Bank (MoBB) began as a group on LinkedIn (computer/iphone link) (mobile link). The group is not limited to Finland.

According to MoBB member Petra Söderling (Nokia) of Petra’s Blog,

With both online discussions, and real life meetings, people looking for jobs are linked to those who offer jobs. MoBB is not just limited to small startups and job seekers. Also people from established companies have joined the group (e.g. Nokia&NSN, Frost & Sullivan, Tieto, Elcoteq, Ericsson, EB (Electrobit), Accenture etc.) With good progress, also the startups that are now forming will be able to hire soon.

The first meeting of Mobile Brain Bank (MoBB) in Helsinki in the Havel cabinet at restaurant Vltava on Thursday, August 13th from 6 pm to 8 pm. Address ELIELINAUKIO 2 00100 HELSINKI.

On Twitter, you can follow MoBB with the #MoBB hashtag or @MobileBrainBank username. You can follow Petra on Twitter as @PetraHelsinki. Mobile Brain Bank also has a website at (computer/iphone link only).


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  1. technology4u says:

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  2. Yeah I agree with you. There are more people who don’t have their job. The first thing is that many company are affect by global rescission and their are freshly graduates.


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