Mobile Brain Bank at Slush Helsinki

It’s Mobile Brain Bank time again in Finland.

Here’s the invitation from Petra and Peter:

Hi all,
Mobile Brain Bank and Aalto Entrepreneurship Society are connecting at Slush Helsinki. Read more on this in news on our website. As a member of the Mobile Brain Bank network, you are warmly invited to take part in Slush. If you are running a brand new startup, we believe you will especially benefit from Startup Talkoot on the second day. This is your invite.
Cold. Dark. Slush on the ground.
This is the setting for the Slush Talkoot, a great opportunity for
MOBB members to discover what is going on in the startup ecosystem in
the region. At talkoot you will meet some companies that you have
never heard of, but there’s a good chance that you will in the future.
And maybe you will be part of the reason that the world will hear
about these current unknowns. The opportunity to change the world that
you have been waiting for all these years. You probably hadn’t heard
about Linux, MySQL, maybe not even about Nokia 10-15 years ago. At the
Slush Talkoot you might discover the future big thing.
Talkoot is a good old Finnish tradition of working together, you will
not get paid, but you might be offered some beer and barbeque in
return for your efforts. And of course sauna. All of which you will
find at Slush as well. And as said, you might discover the next big
thing and decide to join the ride. A little like joining Nokia in
In any case, would be great to see you, fellow MOBBer, in the Slush.
You can register at
Besides the cool new startups in the Slush, you can also listen in on
some interesting presentations by people like Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia,
Andreas Weigend, ex-chief scientist for Jeff Bezos/Amazon, Risto
Siilasmaa and many others. A great learning experience to be expected.
See you in the Slush!
Kind regards,
Peter and Petra
Mobile Brain Bank is a network of mobile experts who have left the corporate life behind them, or are thinking about a renewal in their professional life. In Finland alone, thousands of mobile experts have recently freed themselves to be able to plan new products, services, innovations, or any other type of startup activity. Mobile Brain Bank offers a forum for testing your ideas, business case, or just to network with people who are in a similar situation.
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