Mobile Game Development by Kimberly Unger and Jeannie Novak

Review of Game Development Essentials: Mobile Game Development by Kimberly Unger and Jeannie Novak

Every so often, I look for books and courses that will improve my mobile knowledge. Now it’s time to share some of them with you, the mobile developers who read mobiEnthusiast or at least find it when you are looking for a piece of code for your site.

Game Development Essentials: Mobile Game Development is available as a pre-order. So, I haven’t read the book yet. However, the more I read about the authors of the book, the more excited I get. Why? You see, before I became mobiEnthusiast, I was a corporate computer software trainer, and then an actual computer teacher for elementary school students. I’m still a teacher at heart.

It is much easier to learn how to do something from a teacher than from someone who is so experienced in a technical skill that it has become a part of them. They know how to do the job, but they don’t know how to teach the job. The tradeoff is most teachers don’t have real-world experience. Finding a teacher with real world experience is a bonus, and it’s a double bonus here since both authors have extensive street cred as well as teaching experience. Now, here’s the info about the book itself:

Product Description:
Explore a comprehensive examination of the art and technology of one of the fastest-growing segments of the game industry with Game Development Essentials: Mobile Game Development. This ground breaking text walks readers through the overall process of designing videogames and applications for mobile and handheld hardware. Through coverage of team building, production, QA and a look at the black box of the publication process both for independent and publisher backed studios; readers learn the entire development process from initial concept to game design. Utilizing real-life examples, interviews and advice from developers already well established in the mobile industry, Mobile Game Development serves as the ‘how to’ guide for readers looking to break into the mobile game development industry.

Read that again, “Readers learn the entire development process from initial concept to game design.”

Now find out about the people who will show you how to do that:

Kimberly Unger

Kimberly Unger is a mobile games pro with titles under her belt like Tetris Worlds, You Don’t Know Jack: Mock II, and other handheld and mobile titles. When she’s not writing, she’s the CEO of Bushi-go, Inc, a video startup company. Readers of this book will benefit from Unger’s real world experience, but as an added benefit, she is a teacher on the adjunct faculty at Westwood Online, so it is logical to think she will be able to explain the subject matter to readers as she does for students.

Jeannie Novak

Jeannie Novak’s credentials include real-world experience combined with teaching, too. Some of her credits include:

  • Vice Chair of the Los Angeles chapter of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA-LA)
  • Vice President of Women in Games International (WIGI)
  • CEO of Kaleidospace, LLC which includes a game education consulting division
  • Developed game-based curriculum, and taught at the Art Institute Online, Art Center College of Design, UCLA Extension, and the Academy of Entertainment & Technology at Santa Monica College

If you’re active at conferences, you may have seen Jeannie Novak in person:

  • ANIMIAMI’s Game Conference Chair
  • SIGGRAPH 2010 session chair
  • Game Education Summit advisory board
  • AIAS Online Excellence and Multiplayer Awards panels
  • Austin Game Developers Conference (GDC Online
  • Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)
  • Macworld Expo
  • Game Education Summit
  • LA Games Conference

If you read the book, please let us know what you think of it in the comments section below (moderated).

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