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Earlier this week, a fellow mobile marketer, Aurélien Fonteneau, asked for help with his dissertation:

Hi all,

I am currently a business school student and I’m writing a thesis about mobile marketing, the exact management issue being “The added value of mobile marketing compared to internet and traditional marketing for brand’s customer relationship management”.

My theoretical part is now done, and I have to deal with the empirical one now. I made a qualitative study with some mobile users and mobile industry professionals and I’m now working on my quantitative study, which aim is to understand customers behaviour toward mobile web advertising.

The study is here.

It is really short and it shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes 🙂 I’ll share with you the results of the study and the conclusion of my report.


If you can, take a moment and help him out, especially if you’re a mobile marketer. The survey takes about two minutes. Participants must own a smartphone.

And, if you want to connect with me on LinkedIn to talk about your project, you’ll find me here:


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  1. chad says:

    I am deifnately going to check out that survey and can not wait to see the results.
    I am a strong supporter for mobile web. It is my belief that marketing via mobile is best way to advertise online today and will continue to grow as new emerging markets come online via mobile.

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