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buckle up mobi seatbelt safety site has one objective: to convince people to fasten their seatbelts every time they get into an automobile.

If you have ever been to a funeral for someone who died in a car accident, it is a terrible loss. If a teen is involved, it somehow feels like life has cheated us out of the potential that “could have been” as well as the love we feel for a friend or family member. If a police officer later reports that the deceased wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, the “should have, could have, would have” drama often gets played out in our imaginations. has information about seat belt usage, including videos of crash test dummies that are graphic in nature about what can happen in a collision where seat belts are not worn. There is a special section just for teens who are likely to make fun of each other for wearing seatbelts. Drivers under age 21 are less likely to wear seat belts and more likely to be in an accident than older drivers. Finally, there is an interactive poll to post how often the reader wears a seatbelt – when I looked, it said just 77% of respondents wear their seatbelt every time the get into a car. That’s not enough in my opinion.

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  1. MobileDesign says:

    Great site!
    Surely everyone knows how to buckle up, but is it safe?
    What would be informative is how would buckle-up if we are pregnant? At what speed are belt-buckles the safest? And why is it that motorcyclists are ok not to buckleup? I also head that those who do not buckleup in a VW survive more crashes. Is this true?
    I am a GREAT driver, but people like me who take pride in driving without a belt-buckle would surely gain a lot of knowledge from this .mobi site!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. TomHinks says:

    Thanks for the mention, Holly!


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