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The mobile web is officially open to the masses, as evidenced by all the mobile sessions at this year’s South by Southwest Party Conference. Plain old-fashioned WAP design is out. It’s time to step up the game on creating striking, captivating, eye-catching mobile design.

Need inspiration? Here are some mobile design showcases to get you going. These links are all desktop sites with rich graphics, so if you’re reading this on your mobile phone, consider yourself warned about huge graphic download sizes if you don’t have an unlimited data plan:

Mobile Design Showcase Sites That Rock

  • The name says it all, doesn’t it?
  •‘s mobile design trends. Stay on for awhile, because it has all kinds of free downloads for icons, fonts, graphics, textures, tutorials, and WordPress themes. It’s a designer’s dream site.
  •’s mobile web design post

If you’d rather have a how-to manual, Nokia has produced a comprehensive mobile visual design guide for newcomers on their forum, They also have mobile web templates and code that you are welcome to use at will, provided you follow the very generous terms of their license agreement.

Go develop, and tell us what you made.

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  1. Now a days the mobile webs have very high opportunity as 3G is available to browse faster.

  2. Holly Kolman says:

    Hi Fuchsia, welcome to I agree, the 3g speeds are allowing designers to make more creative sites for smartphones.

  3. Aleks says:

    I agree completely. 3G speeds opened the door for beautiful mobile design and with 4G on the horizon, mobile web will only get more impressive. Along with the list you’ve mentioned, another good source for mobile web design is and


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