Mowser Brought Back from the Dead, Bought by dotMobi

mowser bought by dotmobi

Today’s announcement that the dotMobi registry mTLD purchased the publicly executed Mowser is, in the opinion of mobi Enthusiast, wonderful news. This means more .mobi sites will be able to include content that was previously unavailable due to the labor necessary to convert documents by hand into a form readable on a mobile phone. One example of how this technology is being used to help people is, which is updated frequently with warnings and recalls about unsafe toys and other products used in the home. Edit: Unfortunately, the site is not serving these warnings at the moment due to changes within Mowser, and we hope it will be fixed shortly. Congratulations to Russell Beattie and Mike Rowehl, the creaters of Mowser, and we are glad that we have conclusive evidence that the mobile internet is not only not dead, but ready to move full speed ahead.


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