Update WordPress Sites with the new WordPress Blackberry App

Until recently, most bloggers who use WordPress required a computer to write and upload their posts. Now, the WordPress Blackberry App lets Blackberry users take their work on the road. The app is designed to allow bloggers to write posts, edit pages, manage comments, and upload photos and videos. Both the self-hosted WordPress.org and WordPress.com […] Read more »

Should you rely on Facebook for mobile marketing?

Some people still don’t understand that Facebook is not their own personal website. Today, for example, someone asked this question on LinkedIn: Will Facebook Fan Pages eventually replace websites? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each platform for a business? Facebook Fan Pages will not replace websites for savvy marketers. Facebook, although it looks to be […] Read more »

Want to write a book on HTML5 or Mobile Apps?

From our developer friend James Pearce via Twitter: Anyone want to write either a book on HTML5 Media or on mobile apps? Reputable publisher. DM & RT, please. To respond, please write to James as @JamesPearce. And, if you’re not already following me on Twitter, I’m @mobienthusiast. Good luck, and let me know if you […] Read more »

Publicity Opportunity for Mobile Technology

Our friends at Bill and Steve Harrison’s Reporter Connection have a request this week for experts who have access to Breaking News About Mobile App, Computer Or Cloud Technology. This opportunity is for a website, and the deadline is ongoing.   Mobile Publicity Opportunity: Need the latest news about mobile apps, computer and cloud technology. […] Read more »

Crowdfund Your Mobile Project

Do you have an idea for a mobile project but don’t have the cash to pull it off? Try crowdfunding. You may have heard of Kickstarter.com, which funds your project if you reach your fundraising goal, BUT you get nada (nothing) if you miss the goal. Enter IndieGoGo.com. IndieGogo awards an extra 5% for projects […] Read more »

Carnival of the Mobilists #225

Welcome back to mobiEnthusiastTM Magazine in sunny Southern California for another exciting edition of Carnival of the Mobilists #225. Carnival of the Mobilists is a roundup of the best and brightest bloggers who write about mobile technologies and news. So, what’s new this week on the mobile web?   Mobile finance takes center stage this […] Read more »

Admob Google Deal is On and Will Stay On

Today the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted unanimously not to block Google’s acquisition of the popular mobile advertising network Admob. The following media release was issued today by the FTC regarding the Google Admob deal and the reasoning behind the FTC’s decision to let the deal stand: After Thorough Review, Agency Finds Transaction […] Read more »

Mobile Marketing Survey

If you want something done, go to LinkedIn. Earlier this week, a fellow mobile marketer, Aurélien Fonteneau, asked for help with his dissertation: Hi all, I am currently a business school student and I’m writing a thesis about mobile marketing, the exact management issue being “The added value of mobile marketing compared to internet and […] Read more »

Make a Mobile Site Fast and Easy

Attention Mobile Developers, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners As the mobiEnthusiast, I purchased my first mobile (.mobi) domain name in 2007. It was an exciting day, and I had a vision for how the world would be able to access the internet from their phone and not be tied to a computer. I thought hard […] Read more »