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In honor of the Philadelphia Phillies’ appearance in this year’s World Series, one fan, that is phan, has created a mobile site where subscribers can cheer on their favorite team and insult the opposition. also has links to other mobile sports sites, including NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR and PGA.

Head over to today and let your voice be heard.


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  1. thebiffenator says:

    Thanks Holly is also for Eagles, Flyers and 76er fans, we won’t leave you high and dry when baseball season is over. More neat features will be added also. Even if you not a Philadelphia Phan, it is still fun to go there and talk sports with the phans.


  1. […] Registration can be done right on the mobile site, a plus.  However, registration requires giving your mobile number.  As the site has no privacy policy and doesn’t give any indication what the numbers are used for I consider this risky.  Fortunately the mobile number doesn’t seem to be verified. I just registered using the number of a telemarketer who SPAMed my mobile. Via: […]

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