Now’s A Great Time to Pick a Mobile Domain Name

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Do you own or represent a business? Or are you a regular person who likes to write about your hobbies? If so, there has never been a better time to be at the forefront of a technical phenomenon. As usual, I’m talking about the mobile web.

You see, domain name investors have finally figured out that there is no money to be made in cluttering up the mobile internet with empty websites that show only advertisements. So, they’ve abandoned many of their mobile domain names. This blasts the door wide open for businesses and regular people to register short, memorable mobi domain names for their business or blog to reach well, essentially the entire world. It’s a great way to build your brand on the mobile web.

Here are some recent examples of mobi domain names that have been abandoned (dropped) and are ready for you to register. If you are on a computer, iPhone or smartphone, you may go to the site to register .MOBI Domains from If you plan to register many names, consider the Discount Domain Club. These names are of course one of a kind, and once they’re gone, they’re gone, so act quickly if you want one.

  • (for a company that makes logbooks)
  • (for a company that makes dart boards, or a directory site of pubs where you can play darts)
  • (for a beverage manufacturer or drink recipe site)
  • (for a scientific site or hand sanitizer company)
  • (for a Jell-O site, or for scientific gelatin supplier)
  • (for a wood burning stove company or enthusiast)
  • (for a fan site about movie and song remakes)
  • (for a company that makes custom or replacement watch bands)
  • (for a social media site for truck drivers)
  • (for a company that makes cubicles or a social media site for cubicle-dwellers)
  • (for a company that makes drums)
  • (for a company that makes accessible chair lifts)
  • (for an ice cream company, or ice cream recipe website)
  • (for an informational site, or a directory of bird watching clubs, or an environmental site)
  • (for a directory of where to get ears pierced, or for a company that makes earrings or does ear piercing) recommends you check with your attorney or international patent website to make sure you aren’t at risk for infringement. If you need more ideas, you might enjoy the Power to the Small Business podcast, where I’ve described my interpretation of mobile marketing trends and best uses of mobile websites.

Enjoy! If you build a site on one of these mobi domain names, let us know about it. If it passes, we may feature it in an upcoming blog post here on


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