Premium dot mobi Domain Name Auction Results

mobi premium name auction

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, thirteen premium dot mobi domain names found a new home today with one,, still on the shelf after not meeting reserve price. The names that sold include:     $ 9,500.00     $ 9,500.00     $ 6,000.00     $18,000.00     $10,000.00     $10,500.00     $ 5,000.00     $17,500.00     $10,000.00     $ 5,000.00     $10,000.00     $ 3,000.00     $ 8,500.00

Congratulations to buyers and sellers today. Mobi Enthusiast is pleased to know that several of these names are now in the hands of domain name portfolio holders known to develop domains as viable businesses, and we look forward to seeing what you build.


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  1. mobi Enthusiast says:

    Just one comment here because something is really bothering me about this auction. In order to bid, people needed the correct software to download from snapnames. The software is written only for windows. I personally experienced two premium portfolio owners who were locked out of the bidding because they have *gasp* mac computers. I think it is time someone took a look at this software and made it available to everyone, not just pc users.

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