Premium mobi Names Auction

Mobi Premium Domain Name Auctions

Premium .mobi domain names are on auction now at Mobile warning: Sedo does not have a mobile-friendly site, and this page may not load on your phone: Premium .mobi domain names on Sedo The main auction ends on November 12, but other .mobi inventory remains open.

Many of the names do not have bids yet, so this may be a great time to take advantage of low prices for a premium quality dot mobi domain name.

Observation: The last time premium names of this caliber were offered on Sedo with the same ending time, the site went down temporarily in the last minutes of the auction, and then the auction was reopened and extended. This has happened twice in the past two years as reported by bidders on domaining forums, once for a .mobi auction and once for a .nl (Netherlands) auction. If you are not able to see the site during the last portion of the auction, do not assume it is over. Continue to log on to ensure that if there are technical problems, you are not shut out of final bidding.


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