Red Bull Wins RedBull Mobi | WIPO Transfer

redbull mobi wipo

In the latest move by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), was ordered transfered from a private citizen to the Poland-based energy drink company.

According to the complaint, the registrant of the name signed a registration agreement in the Hebrew language, and stated in his response that he is commonly known by the Hebrew name “Shor Adom.” According to WIPO, “Use of a number of dictionaries shows that Shor Adom can be translated into the English words ‘red bull’ or ‘red ox’.”

Since the domain name did not have a website on it at the time of the WIPO complaint, it was difficult for the respondent to prove he acted in good faith. The strength of the Red Bull trademark is supported by over 140 trademarks and 200 related domain names.

The WIPO complaint is Case No. D2008-1611.


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