San Diego Mobile Twitter Directory: From the “Practice What You Preach” File

San Diego mobile twitter directory

You may have noticed an ad over on the sidebar for You may also notice that the site is a bit of a mess right now. That’s actually my site, and it’s a mess because I am taking my own advice and creating new, relevant information that people in San Diego might want to find on a mobile site. This latest version is being updated in response to the overwhelming popularity of a local Social Media contest that took over the San Diego Twitter community this month.

The contest is called “Champions of Social Media,” and thanks to you wonderful readers and a heck of a lot campaigning by my friends, I am in the finals for the contest in the “Blogger of the Year” category. You can learn more about this great community-building contest at or by searching Twitter for the now-ubiquitous hashtag #InfluenceSD.

So, what does one have to do with the other? Simple. This contest has raised awareness of the sheer number of people involved with Twitter in San Diego. It’s pretty difficult to keep track of how many of us there really are. So, being the mobile web development proponant that I am, I’ve started tinkering with an already useful site, and have begun a beta test (well, it’s more like alpha just yet) to invite these newfound celebrities and friends to help each other find one another.

Are you in San Diego? Do you use Twitter? Do you live somewhere else and want to watch the progress of a mobile directory before your very eyes? If so, have a look at the site and join the brand-spanking-new SDCA Facebook Fan Page to find out more and to suggest some categories. Of course, you’re also welcome to suggest categories in the comments as well.


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