.mobi Site Spotlight: Pilot.mobi

 Directions and Maps on your Mobile Phone

 Pilot.mobi provides maps and driving directions on most web enabled cell phones. They currently provide maps and directions in the United States, the UK and most of Europe and will also be expanding into all of Europe, Russia and China.In our opinion, pilot.mobi is one of the best designed computer interfaces of a mobile site we have seen.This site detects whether you are visiting from a computer or a mobile device, and has an emulator built right into the computer version of the site to let people know what it would look like on a true mobile device.The people behind pilot.mobi are supportive of the efforts of other mobile webmasters. According to the developer, “We look forward to helping people incorporate pilot maps and directions on their mobile websites.” Contact Pilot at info@pilot.mobi if you would like to collaborate.


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