Social Media: Playtime is Officially Over

10 Reasons in 2 minutes on why you need to be there.


For any business owners who still think Twitter and Facebook are frivolous ventures, this video will make you think twice. Reason #6 on the video is what mobiEnthusiast readers have suspected for some time:

“Reason #6: Because the next 3 Billion people will access the internet from a mobile device.”

Social Media is mobile, and that’s why you’ll be reading a lot more about it on mobiEnthusiast. This is a YouTube video (also a Social Media site) that explains Social Media in 2 minutes.

My apologies to those on unsupported phones that can’t see it. There are two versions of the YouTube video below, and hopefully one will work for you.

If you still can’t see the video, here’s a link to it on YouTube.

Thank you to Mari Smith for the heads up on the video.


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