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Ok, mobiEnthusiast readers, now that the holidays are over I am finally back to work on the blog. It was great to see the family again, but let’s face it, the holidays are stressful. Wouldn’t it be great to go relax at a spa? In truth, I probably won’t be going anywhere for awhile, but I can dream about luxurious pampering with a few keystrokes on my mobile phone with Spa.mobi. The running joke on the mobi forum, mobility.mobi, is that I have watched this domain name since it first appeared in the Sedo premium auctions. Oh, how I’ve tried to convince the owner that he should let me be a consultant and test out all of the spas, to no avail (although I did make him laugh every time I tried to hypnotize him into giving me the name).

Spa.mobi itself provides information on spas worldwide, including a small picture suitable for mobile phones, a description, and contact information for each spa, including a click-to-call phone number. It also includes links to the computer version of the spas’ websites. Spa.mobi does not accept payment from any of the spas listed on the site.

Incidentally, Spa.mobi appears as a sponsor of mobiEnthusiast.mobi, but won the privilege in an auction to help a fellow mobile developer in a fundraiser. MobiEnthusiast profiles dot mobi websites at no charge to the site owners or developers.

So, the next time you need a vacation, or some time to dream about a trip to the spa, get out your mobile browser and visit Spa.mobi.


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