Coold Kids Invited to Symbian Event

Mobile Brain Bank and Symbian Foundation Host Event


Everyone who knows me personally knows I moved to San Diego for a reason: the weather. I’ll tell you what, though, these invitations from Petra to go to events in Helsinki are getting more appealing. If you’re in Finland and are a mobile developer, check this out:

Develop on Symbian … or interested in why you perhaps should? Come to the Symbian Stammtisch on Tuesday, March 9th from 6 to 9 pm.

Initiated by Symbian Foundation, arranged by Mobile Brain Bank and provided by Sasken, the first ever Symbian Stammtisch Helsinki is held at restaurant Vltava. More information and registration here: (desktop link, not mobile)

You don’t want to miss this, there’s refreshments, Symbian branded goodies etc. All coold kids go, why don’t you?

Petra Söderling


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  1. Petra says:

    Hey thanks Holly.
    It was actually a great evening with, yes, some cool kids. Mobile developers often develop for many platform, so did these. We had not only Symbian developers, but also US companies developing for iPhone, Android etc.
    That’s what made the discussion all the more interesting. There’s nothing more boring than attending a fanboy event where everyone has the same opinion.
    .mobi was also discussed a lot, as we had one of the original mTLD founders, Lauri Hirvonen attending as well. “mobile internet” vs. “real internet” is a topic that never bores anyone.

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