Social Media: Playtime is Officially Over

10 Reasons in 2 minutes on why you need to be there.   For any business owners who still think Twitter and Facebook are frivolous ventures, this video will make you think twice. Reason #6 on the video is what mobiEnthusiast readers have suspected for some time: “Reason #6: Because the next 3 Billion people […] Read more »

Why You Should Know Mark Fulton

If you are interested at all in making websites, social media, analytics, trends, WordPress, or just interesting tech reading in general, then do yourself a favor and become a regular reader of Mark Fulton‘s work. Mark runs Dotsauce Magazine, an industry website for people who invest in domain names. That’s a good website. However, the […] Read more »

Mobile Payments | Paypal Mobile

Business owners and developers who are serious about making money on the mobile web need a product to sell and a way to collect payments. Paypal has an entire section in their Paypal Developer Network devoted to answering questions about adding the famous “pay now” button to mobile sites and apps. The Paypal Mobile Payment […] Read more »

Attention Domain Developers – Direct Mobile Browsing is Here

MobiEnthusiast mobi would like to point our developer and domainer audience to a recent post by Jamie Parks of He asks: “What are you going to do when the mobile masses show up at your domain?” “Smart people from all over the world with mobile devices are starting to poke around. They’re looking out […] Read more »

United Colors of dot mobi | Benetton mobi

Congratulations to Benetton, an Italian fashion clothing company, for fully understanding and harnessing the power of .mobi domain names. The company now has one for investor relations at* and another for the media at Here is their media release detailing what they hope to achieve from their newly-redesigned dot com site with the […] Read more »