iPad Developers, Get Ready, Go!

Ready to develop for the iPad? You’re going to need some resources. First of all, start with everything you already learned about developing for the iPhone. Next, take it up a notch with these new resources from the Apple Developer Center: iPhone SDK version 3.2 iPad Programming Guide iPad Sample Code iPad Human Interface Guidelines […] Read more »

Download New iPhone Apps Code Today

If you dream of creating the next killer iphone app, you’ll need the latest code to do it. Download iPhone SDK code (computer link, not mobile) at the iPhone Dev Center, and see what’s new on the iPhone developer site. There are new video tutorials, coding how-to’s, an iPhone reference library, and iPhone sample code. Read more »

iPhone Developer Wanted

From LinkedIn (computer link): “Anyone know a good, reliable iPhone-iPodTouch developer I can hire? We’re a branding/marketing outfit that has an Apple AppStore product spec’d out, ready to go. The only missing member of our team is the developer! If you’re an Apple Developer with experience with the iPhone?iPod Touch SDK and have written/sold a […] Read more »