Should you rely on Facebook for mobile marketing?

Some people still don’t understand that Facebook is not their own personal website. Today, for example, someone asked this question on LinkedIn: Will Facebook Fan Pages eventually replace websites? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each platform for a business? Facebook Fan Pages will not replace websites for savvy marketers. Facebook, although it looks to be […] Read more »

Carnival of the Mobilists #221

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of the Mobilists #221. It’s my first time hosting, and I’m glad to have this opportunity to showcase the best and brightest bloggers covering the mobile space. Thank you to all of the dedicated people who not only blog, but connect with one another to share ideas and introduce their […] Read more »

Why You Should Know Mark Fulton

If you are interested at all in making websites, social media, analytics, trends, WordPress, or just interesting tech reading in general, then do yourself a favor and become a regular reader of Mark Fulton‘s work. Mark runs Dotsauce Magazine, an industry website for people who invest in domain names. That’s a good website. However, the […] Read more »

Target Mobi Hits The Mark

Holiday comparison shopping just got a lot easier thanks to The American retailer’s mobile site offers a mobile-friendly browsing experience complete with pictures, item descriptions, and user reviews for what appears to be a full store inventory. While it does not provide a shopping cart, visitors can enter their mobile phone numbers to receive […] Read more »

iPhone Developer Wanted

From LinkedIn (computer link): “Anyone know a good, reliable iPhone-iPodTouch developer I can hire? We’re a branding/marketing outfit that has an Apple AppStore product spec’d out, ready to go. The only missing member of our team is the developer! If you’re an Apple Developer with experience with the iPhone?iPod Touch SDK and have written/sold a […] Read more »

Color Psychology, Marketing and Mobile Web Design

Twitter is a wonderful thing. I found a website called Branding Strategy Insider (link below) today thanks to Jay D. Ehret’s twitter microblog. Jay has a marketing blog called The Marketing Spot over on Blogspot. Here’s the computer link to The Marketing Spot and the mobile link to The Marketing Spot. Check out his blog […] Read more »

Why dot mobi? New .mobi Campaign Launches Today

.mobi Awareness Campaign Is Coming to Mobile Websites Near You Mtld, the dotMobi Registry, awarded to the forum under the leadership of Andres Kello, a leading dot mobi proponant and premium domain name portfolio owner. was created by forum members to demonstrate the benefits of using domain names ending in .mobi for […] Read more »