July Mobi Of The Month Nominees

It’s time to vote for the MotM, the Mobi of the Month at Mobility.mobi. That link goes to the members section, so if you haven’t already joined that forum now is a great time to do so. This month’s nominees are: ringtones.mobi, SDCA.mobi, which stands for San Diego California, Type1.mobi, the Juvenile Diabetes site featured […] Read more »

Mobi of the Month | Gas Food Lodging mobi

Travel and transportation seems to be the trend here lately at mobi Enthusiast, and here’s another one fresh out of the winner’s circle. Congratulations to GasFoodLodging.mobi, the winner of member voting at the mobility.mobi mobi forum. Wherever you are in the United States, you can search for just what the name implies — gas, food, […] Read more »

Boroughs mobi Wins Mobi of The Month | from Mobility mobi

Boroughs mobi is the winning mobi site for the mobility mobi Mobi of the Month for March 2008. Boroughs is a New York geographical site, and has the added distinction of being featured on the iPhone apps page at apple.com. Boroughs mobi features local events and local search for the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and […] Read more »

Dir.mobi Wins mobi of the Month for January 2008

Congratulations to Dir.mobi  Dir.mobi is January’s choice for mobi of the Month by developers and domainers at Mobility.mobi. Dir.mobi is one of the first and most comprehensive .directories to be developed, widely used and promoted. mobiEnthusiast.mobi salutes Dir.mobi and gives the developer a round of applause. Nice work! Read more »