Road Warrior Restaurant, Gas and Hotel Tool | GasFoodLodging mobi provides locations and directions for gas stations, restaurants, and hotels right to a traveler’s mobile phone, iPhone, or Smartphone, without any additional software to download or buy. Seattle, Washington — Road warriors of all varieties have a new tool to help them find essential services on their next road trip: allows motorists […] Read more »

Fast Food Mobile Delivers | Sonic Mobile

This is what I love about well-designed mobile sites: They give you the information you need quickly without all the fuss. No flash, no javascript, just good old fashioned information. The site delivers on the promise of what a fast food mobile website ought to be. It is small, it loads quickly, and it […] Read more »

Australia Landscape Photography | ErwinGroen mobi

Australian professional photographer and small business owner Erwin Groen has harnessed the power of the mobile internet to complement his existing computer website. On, the site owner give a preview of his panoramic pictures to a potential buyer. The photos offer a tantalizing glimpse of the beauty of the Australian coast, rainforests, cityscapes, ranges, […] Read more »

Now’s A Great Time to Pick a Mobile Domain Name

Do you own or represent a business? Or are you a regular person who likes to write about your hobbies? If so, there has never been a better time to be at the forefront of a technical phenomenon. As usual, I’m talking about the mobile web. You see, domain name investors have finally figured out […] Read more »

Available Mobi Domain Names 1-21-09

Most of the time on, we highlight existing mobile websites. This time, you have a chance to make your own mobile website with keywords that match the audience you hope to reach. The following names have expired from their current owners and are available to register by anyone on a first come, first served […] Read more »

Unwind at a Spa Near (or not so near) You | Spa mobi

Ok, mobiEnthusiast readers, now that the holidays are over I am finally back to work on the blog. It was great to see the family again, but let’s face it, the holidays are stressful. Wouldn’t it be great to go relax at a spa? In truth, I probably won’t be going anywhere for awhile, but […] Read more »

Target Mobi Hits The Mark

Holiday comparison shopping just got a lot easier thanks to The American retailer’s mobile site offers a mobile-friendly browsing experience complete with pictures, item descriptions, and user reviews for what appears to be a full store inventory. While it does not provide a shopping cart, visitors can enter their mobile phone numbers to receive […] Read more »

Premium mobi Names Auction

Mobi Premium Domain Name Auctions Premium .mobi domain names are on auction now at Mobile warning: Sedo does not have a mobile-friendly site, and this page may not load on your phone: Premium .mobi domain names on Sedo The main auction ends on November 12, but other .mobi inventory remains open. Many of the […] Read more »