Mobile Dominates SXSW Tech Schedule

Mobile takes center stage at the 2010 South By Southwest Festival Interactive Track, which runs March 12 through March 16 at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, USA. The following is a partial list of seminars and training on the schedule. What’s Hot in Mobile at SXSW Maps 2010: How iPad Impacts the […] Read more »

Mobile Payments | Paypal Mobile

Business owners and developers who are serious about making money on the mobile web need a product to sell and a way to collect payments. Paypal has an entire section in their Paypal Developer Network devoted to answering questions about adding the famous “pay now” button to mobile sites and apps. The Paypal Mobile Payment […] Read more »

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly – Take 2

Note: this is a revision of the original post which was deleted at the site owner’s request. This post was re-created with a different site than yesterday’s post. Via Twitter, I was asked a question that is on a lot of mobi Enthusiast readers’ minds: “I have a site that is NOT mobile friendly and […] Read more »

iPhone SDK Available | Apple iPhone Development

Ok iPhone developers, here we go… the new SDK is now available at Apple Developer Connection” (computer link, not mobile) This is the 8th SDK released by Apple for the iPhone. To download it, you need to register at Apple (no charge). To use the SDK you’re going to need a mac with the latest […] Read more »

Color Psychology, Marketing and Mobile Web Design

Twitter is a wonderful thing. I found a website called Branding Strategy Insider (link below) today thanks to Jay D. Ehret’s twitter microblog. Jay has a marketing blog called The Marketing Spot over on Blogspot. Here’s the computer link to The Marketing Spot and the mobile link to The Marketing Spot. Check out his blog […] Read more »

Premium dot mobi Domain Name Auction Results

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, thirteen premium dot mobi domain names found a new home today with one,, still on the shelf after not meeting reserve price. The names that sold include:     $ 9,500.00     $ 9,500.00     $ 6,000.00     […] Read more »

Mowser Brought Back from the Dead, Bought by dotMobi

Today’s announcement that the dotMobi registry mTLD purchased the publicly executed Mowser is, in the opinion of mobi Enthusiast, wonderful news. This means more .mobi sites will be able to include content that was previously unavailable due to the labor necessary to convert documents by hand into a form readable on a mobile phone. One […] Read more »

Attention Domain Developers – Direct Mobile Browsing is Here

MobiEnthusiast mobi would like to point our developer and domainer audience to a recent post by Jamie Parks of He asks: “What are you going to do when the mobile masses show up at your domain?” “Smart people from all over the world with mobile devices are starting to poke around. They’re looking out […] Read more »