Dropped .mobi Names

Dropped .mobi Domain Names Available September 25, 2009 If you are looking to start your own mobile website, you might like one of these domain names. They were originally registered but have dropped. Dropped .mobi names are first-come, first-served and can be registered at any registrar. The names do NOT belong to mobiEnthusiast: Tweet Read more »

Will Commission Junction Monetize Mobile?

If you’re out and about on a mobile phone, it can be a real hassle to find a pen and paper. One of the greatest advantages of creating a mobile website is the ability to create a link that enables web visitors to click to dial a phone number. For an example of this feature, […] Read more »

Japan Mobile Blogger | Jim Atwood mobi

Jim Atwood made a WordPress blog and used a mobile plugin. That’s impressive, but not unique. After all, I do that here on mobiEnthusiast.mobi every day. The unique part is that Jim is an American living in Japan. As a mobile internet junkie, I want to learn all I can about what makes mobile tick […] Read more »

Road Warrior Restaurant, Gas and Hotel Tool | GasFoodLodging mobi

GasFoodLodging.mobi provides locations and directions for gas stations, restaurants, and hotels right to a traveler’s mobile phone, iPhone, or Smartphone, without any additional software to download or buy. Seattle, Washington — Road warriors of all varieties have a new tool to help them find essential services on their next road trip: http://GasFoodLodging.mobi. GasFoodLodging.mobi allows motorists […] Read more »

Now’s A Great Time to Pick a Mobile Domain Name

Do you own or represent a business? Or are you a regular person who likes to write about your hobbies? If so, there has never been a better time to be at the forefront of a technical phenomenon. As usual, I’m talking about the mobile web. You see, domain name investors have finally figured out […] Read more »

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly – Take 2

Note: this is a revision of the original post which was deleted at the site owner’s request. This post was re-created with a different site than yesterday’s post. Via Twitter, I was asked a question that is on a lot of mobi Enthusiast readers’ minds: “I have a site that is NOT mobile friendly and […] Read more »

Small Business and the Mobile Internet – Podcast

Today on mobi Enthusiast dot mobi the focus is on small business on the mobile internet. Specifically, what do small businesses need to know about mobile marketing and securing a presence on the rapidly developing mobile internet? Rather than have you read about it, today you have the chance to hear about it. Podcast with […] Read more »

Future of the Mobilenet | Mobile Domains and the Future by Javier Marti

It is rare for an author to intentionally spend a year of his life to create a book that he plans to give away without asking for payment, but that is just what Futurist, Consultant and Speaker Javier Marti (computer link) (mobile link) has done with Mobile, Domains and the Future Read more »