Japan Mobile Blogger | Jim Atwood mobi

Jim Atwood made a WordPress blog and used a mobile plugin. That’s impressive, but not unique. After all, I do that here on mobiEnthusiast.mobi every day. The unique part is that Jim is an American living in Japan. As a mobile internet junkie, I want to learn all I can about what makes mobile tick […] Read more »

“Strong Brands” To Register Single and Double Character .mobi Domain Names

dotMobi, also known as mTLD, the registry which owns the .mobi domain names, announced that one character and two character mobi domain names are now available for registration. That means names like AA.mobi, 77.mobi, 21.mobi and others are now available. “One and two character domains are the most valuable – and often most expensive – […] Read more »

Why dot mobi? New .mobi Campaign Launches Today

.mobi Awareness Campaign Is Coming to Mobile Websites Near You Mtld, the dotMobi Registry, awarded Why.mobi to the mobility.mobi forum under the leadership of Andres Kello, a leading dot mobi proponant and premium domain name portfolio owner. Why.mobi was created by forum members to demonstrate the benefits of using domain names ending in .mobi for […] Read more »

Premium dot mobi Domain Name Auction Results

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, thirteen premium dot mobi domain names found a new home today with one, company.mobi, still on the shelf after not meeting reserve price. The names that sold include: computers.mobi     $ 9,500.00 airlines.mobi     $ 9,500.00 boats.mobi     $ 6,000.00 mortgage.mobi     […] Read more »

Premium Mobi Names on Auction Today at Moniker TRAFFIC

It’s premium dot mobi auction time again today, and here are the items up for bid: airlines.mobi, boats.mobi, company.mobi, computers.mobi, drugs.mobi, escort.mobi, forsale.mobi, films.mobi, men.mobi, mortgage.mobi, religion.mobi, records.mobi, ringtone.mobi, sales.mobi, show.mobi and strip.mobi. According to the dotMobi Registry, mTLD, “dotMobi followers know the drill as regards content requirements attached to these premium names — sites […] Read more »

Mowser Brought Back from the Dead, Bought by dotMobi

Today’s announcement that the dotMobi registry mTLD purchased the publicly executed Mowser is, in the opinion of mobi Enthusiast, wonderful news. This means more .mobi sites will be able to include content that was previously unavailable due to the labor necessary to convert documents by hand into a form readable on a mobile phone. One […] Read more »

Pinky Brand | Biography on a dot mobi

Pinky Brand, according to his dot mobi site, oversees mtld‘s outreach to domain name professionals, content owners, major brands and intellectual property interests that wish to expand and protect their online presence via the mobile Internet. mobi Enthusiast would like to thank Pinky Brand for providing an excellent example of how a dot mobi website […] Read more »